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E-cigs are wildly popular throughout the world as an active smoking cessation aid… Find out why!


How e-Cigs Can Help Save Your Life

April 10, 2014
By Lisette Schudel

Electronic cigarettes (or more popularly “e-Cigs”) are the most widely distributed smoking cessation aids in the world today. Why have they been so readily accepted?  That is because electronic cigarettes simulate the look, feel, and act of smoking without introducing thousands of known and unknown carcinogens into the body.
Currently, it is one of the best alternatives to smoking real cigars and cigarettes, which are all manufactured from tobacco. Tobacco smoke has been conclusively linked to dozens of fatal health conditions, including high blood pressure and lung disorders like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that more than 8 million are living with a serious illness caused by smoking, and about 438,000 Americans die prematurely each year as a result of tobacco use.
Every day, thousands of people across the world die from tobacco-related conditions. The earlier a person starts smoking tobacco, the higher his risk of a tobacco-related fatality later in life. The volume of tobacco consumption also has a strong correlation with the incidence of health conditions, such as asthma and emphysema.
We are fairly certain that no one wants to die an untimely death - would you risk everything just for cigarettes? Of course not! You are reading this right now because you are having second thoughts about your smoking habit. You may enjoy the act of smoking but the cold hard evidence is getting harder to ignore.
You know the facts and statistics and now it is time to make a decision – continue with your tobacco habit and suffer later, or switch to a safer alternative?
In recent years, e-cig manufacturers have been able to greatly reduce the size and cost of e-cigs.  And, the best thing about using e-cigs? You are not harming your body or those around you with tobacco! Really, anything is better than consuming tobacco products.
Tobacco affects every part of the body, including the teeth and nails. That is how destructive cigarettes and cigars can be. Many people do not know this, but tobacco smoke even messes with the vascular system – it constricts blood vessels that can directly cause strokes and heart attacks.
Smoking also weakens the heart, which is undeniably the most important muscle in your body. Countless people have already died because their hearts have become enlarged from having to pump blood out to the body with constricted blood vessels.  This causes the heart to work harder and like any muscle, that gets worked it gets bigger.  Well you would think a bigger heart muscle would be better, but in actuality the heart becomes over stretched and this causes inefficient pumping of blood.  Which eventually leads to a back up and pooling of blood and a condition called congestive heart failure.
Are you tired of all the health problems that cigarettes have brought your way? Now would be a great time to just turn your heel and walk away from them! This is now possible, because you will not have to turn away from nicotine or the act of smoking itself. We are simply going to remove all the poisons the come with tobacco and tar.
Electronic cigarettes allow people to consume nicotine without letting additional chemicals pollute their body. All of the elements of smoking are there, minus the tobacco itself. When you inhale through an e-cig you will be able to draw in “smoke” which is warm, and this smoke carries the nicotine (you can opt not to have a nicotine cartridge installed if you do not want to). The smoke from electronic cigarettes is not actually smoke – its vapor, and it doesn’t leave a nasty smell in the air.